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   BurningSNOW Center for the Experimental Arts 

2578 North Weil Street, Milwaukee WI 53212 USA. ph. (414) 562-3740


The BurningSNOW Center is located in an 1500 square-foot live/work facility in Riverwest, Milwaukee. We facilitate the creation and display of works of experimental art, broadly defined as the intersection of technology, arts, and culture.

We serve as a nexus for the growing experimental arts community, with weekly meetings, Build Parties, and open house events. People of all backgrounds and skill levels work side-by-side on imaginative projects that require all their talents.

We foster an atmosphere of de-commodification, where ideas are freely shared, removed from any pressures of vending, advertising, or commercial sponsorship. We maintain close ties to the Burning Man Project and follow their Ten Principles as a model for successful promotion of innovation through the Experimental Arts. 


some projects created through the CENTER:

"Stone of Rome," an interactive talking disk commissioned for Burning man 2010
"Talking Voting Booth," a voice-interface voting booth commissioned for Burning Man 2008
"Corn Woman,"
a talking computerized corn-human hybrid commissioned for Burning Man 2007
"Voices in my Head," multiple talking computerized faces  commissioned for Burning Man 2005
Golden Electric Surfboard
Self-Erasing Graffiti Wall
The "Labiarinth"

Levitating Illuminating Sphere
Self-Changing Paintings
Variable-Transparency Clothing
Alternative Energy Systems
Advanced Temporary Structures

Portable Laser-beam Fireplace
Clock Hat
Laser Beam Eyewear
Vortex-Ring Projector

membership at THE CENTER

Membership fees at the center are $10 per quarter. Membership is also included in the entry fee to our quarterly events. .

some activities at THE CENTER

Public Orientations held the first Sunday of each month at 7pm.

Member Open House held on the second, third, and fourth Sundays of the month at 7pm. These include build parties, classes, dinners, and organizational meetings. 

Special classes available in soundscaping, basic programming, interactivity in artworks, fire art, and others. 

Quarterly Participatory Events allow members to display their most innovative pieces.

Traveling artists and show, have included the Tiny Invisibility Circus from New Orleans, artist Nick Kane, and others.


includes a 600 square foot main display room, offices, meeting areas, storerooms and workshops. The space can be easily reconfigured for different events and uses. 


Main display room showing interactive sculptures and meeting tables.


Main display room showing information wall and more projects.


Close-up of  "Past...Present...Future" talking sculpture and giant magnetic poetry board.