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The Clevians 

are a mysterious lost civilization loosely based on all the other mysterious lost civilizations. Are they a myth, a half-remembered ancestral memory, or visualization of a future Utopia?  Only you can decide...

Step 1: Read the CLEVIAN LEGEND:

The time: 30,000 years ago. The Earth hangs like a small white marble against the infinitude of space. The surface is covered by mile-high ice sheets inhabited only by wolves and half-human Yetis. It is against this harsh backdrop that the Clevian race springs into existence.

Composed of people of all colors, shapes, and sizes, the Clevian empire covers all known land masses. A golden age ensues. Crops are taught to grow under the direction of human masters. Huge stones are levitated with the power of the mind. The languages of animals and birds are known and spoken. 


As the ice sheets retreat, new civilizations arise, based not on Clevian values, but on tyranny and greed. At first we send emissaries among them, to heal the sick and impart our arcane knowledge. Too late we realize our mistake. We are mistaken for magicians and sorcerers. The paramount kings of the ancient world band together against us in a war that spanned five continents and 100 years of time.

At the war's peak, a band of traitors sell out the temple to the Romans in exchange for false promises of peace. The traitors are caught and thrown into the muck at the base of Mt. Clevis, but by then it is too late. With the  temple pulled down and Clevis in ruins, king AXANDROUS MAHUBIE has no choice but to send his people into hiding.

He tells them: "Then name of Clevis must remain unspoken.  Our Mental Masters will send you forth into the world with no memory of what you had been.  But deep in your mind will be buried one of the Pieces of Clevis to hold and preserve.  At a predetermined moment the Piece will stir just enough to transmit itself to your descendents.

"As the ages pass, there will come times of great darkness. Then will three or four of the pieces stir and awaken, and their holders rise up to become great statesmen and geniuses who will avert the  crisis. 

"Finally the day will come when the world is once again ready for us. All the Pieces will begin to stir at once and the Clevians who carry them will be sore troubled. For they will seek for something, yet they know not what. They will know the world is wrong, but not yet how to fix it.  They will be drawn together into groups as the Pieces begin to draw together,  and    great innovations and breakthroughs will occur.  Even in time of war will the arts of freedom and peace be practiced anew.


"But this will also be our time of greatest danger. For through the centuries the OVERLORDS, the Faceless Ones,  descendents of our ancient enemy, will not sleep, and they ever await our return. They are the great deceivers, and seek to enslave Man to their circle of stereotypical rewards, chaining him to a dim gray world stretching through all the eternities and the universes...Eternal war; eternal fear; eternal greed.... Only the awakening of the Clevians can prevent this. Therefore let nothing stay the Pieces, when the time for joining has come.

"When this new day dawns we will have a new Clevis surpassing even the old. But until that day, let silence be our watchword, and let the sunset hold our destiny..."

So spoke the king.... 

Step 2: the TEST

CLOSE YOUR EYES and THINK OF NOTHING for 7 (seven) seconds.


thank YOU,       You may have JUST helped save the world.


Step 3-- the Commentary.

All stories about Utopia expose similar issues: what do we most yearn for? What do we feel is missing from our modern civilization? 

All civilizations look back toward a lost golden age. In 3500 BC, Assyrian stele depict their king bowing before an empty throne, imploring the return of the wise gods who once ruled over a golden age. The wandering Israelites had their "Eden"; Plato told us of Atlantis, the Scandinavians recalled their lost Thule, the Aborigines had their Dreamtime, the Enlightenment thinkers harkened back to the Noble Savage.... 

But Utopian ideation is a two-edged sword. Our yearning for the lost paradise is so strong it can easily be exploited by demagogues. Consider Hitler's "Thousand-year Reich", Stalin's "Worker's Paradise", or Reagan's "Springtime in America"... 


What if we could collect all the snippets of Utopia together in one place, collate them, find common elements, then assemble it all into a coherent whole? We would have for the first time a scientific map of the deepest human yearnings, of what people really need to feel happy and fulfilled. 

By publishing such information, people could begin to create a realistic utopia right here. The closer we attain to a realistic Utopia, the less room for demagogues and dictators to exploit the longing.  

Do you want to help? You may be a Clevian yourself without knowing it. Read their story, then give us your Piece of Clevis....