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We survive solely through the donations of materials, effort, and money from our volunteers and supporters. Together, we make amazing projects that help empower and encourage the creative class in Wisconsin to work together. 

We are a 501(c)(3) charity so your donations are tax-deductible. Won't you consider making a small donation of money or time? Thank you!

donate MONEY

Sometimes only money, that magic substance known as "Obtanium" will do. Your small donation might end up inside a glowing, talking sculpture; help us bring art pieces out to Burning Man, or fix a wind-turbine. 

You can use our PayPal button below, to donate any amount... even five dollars. The price of one drink at a club. Help us keep the lights on at the Institute for Thought. 

Or mail a contribution to: :

Donald Unverrich, Treasurer
The Institute for Thought, Inc.
2578 N. Weil Street 
Milwaukee, WI 53212

---Even the price of one Martini will go a long way in our hands!


We can always use STUFF. High up on our wish list:

Equipment for Brain Box TV: Newer digital  video camera. Photographic lights. Backdrops. Costumes and props. Frequent-flyer miles to help us go back and interview the EU Commissioners in Brussels... Just missed it last time. 

Equipment for Snowflake Village: Many strings of LED Xmas lights. Large tarps. Solar panels. 12-volt florescent lights. 

Equipment for the BurningSNOW center: Folding metal chairs. A scrolling message sign. Reams of printer paper. 

Equipment for the Milwaukee Art-car: We need a used van, panel truck, or  school bus--preferably diesel-- to convert into a combination transport vehicle and "Bookmobile for the experimental arts." We will take it to schools and public places to educate the youth. 

Equipment for our Annual Journey to Burning Man: Prepaid gas cards. Motel or campground vouchers. Bags of trail mix. Food coupons. A CB radio. It costs us $1000 each time to transport art pieces from the Midwest to the Nevada desert. 

---Whatever you donate, we can probably use for something!

donate your TIME

We always need VOLUNTEERS. This is a "Do-ocracy" which means your influence is proportional to how much you DO. Show up, take over a project, make it your own, it's yours. Examples of projects that need a good do-er include: 

Web Design and Maintenance
Graphic Design
Grant writing
Membership Coordinator
Press releases and Press liaison
Event Security Chief
Greeters for all our functions
Bookkeeper/ accountant
Builders, Engineers and Fabricators.
Events Documentarian-- video or still. 

---Whatever you choose to do, we will value your contribution!

Thank you, all of you,  for making this possible.