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Coming Soon: March 4, 2014: The Riverwest Mardi-Gras Arts Parade. 


The Institute for Thought is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Milwaukee. 

We promote community development through the Experimental Arts. 
We sponsor gatherings of the local creative class to mix arts, technology, and culture.
We are the local outpost of the  Burning Man Project. 
We operate the BurningSNOW Center for Experimental Arts in Milwaukee's Riverwest district. 
We produce Brain Box TV, with documentary from around the world and original sketch comedy.
We serve as Regional Contacts to the Burning Man Project. 
We coordinate Snowflake Village, which draws creative people from across the Midwest and Canada to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada for one week a year. 

We are run entirely by volunteers, and funded by donations.  We believe in a "do-ocracy" system. Show up to the meetings, take on a project, and make it yours. 


PLEASE NOTE: Our main resource page for the Wisconsin Burning Man community has moved to http://sites.google.com/site/wisconsinburners/ It includes a discussion group, rideshare info, a calendar of events, and more. 

Contact:  webmaster@Clevian.com

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