WELCOME to the Wheel of Fire.

The idea is simple. Simultaneous parades from the sites of  major Theme Camps and Villages, on the night of the burn. Look at the picture above...

The processions will form the spokes of an enormous wheel a mile wide. 

One hour before the Burn, the torches are lit and the Processions begin. Rivers of people marching across the desert, drumming, costumes, & lights.  Meeting in the center near the Man, where we help build the energy.  

We need people to be Torchbearers and Parade Helpers and Shouters and  Drummers. Stop by Snowflake to finds out more or volunteer. 

First, read the article "VOLUNTEERING", then, if you are truly interested, post a reply to it.

See you there!

NIACIN, Ambassador of Snowflake.



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