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  Snowflake Village:

is one of the longest running Theme Villages at Burning Man. Drawn from camps and individuals across the upper Midwest and Canada, we are a haven to the long-distance traveler. We bring the distinctive art and culture of our regions to Burning Man.

Coming soon! Signup page for Snowflake Village 2014!
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Snowflake VILLAGE... 

is an experiment in distributed community. For 51 weeks a year it exists only as a web of communications... In the 52nd week it emerges onto the blank slate of the Black Rock Desert in  Nevada.  Here we build our city of the imagination.

Snowflake began in 2000 when a group of theme camps from Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario realized it made more sense to join forces and co-display our art.

Since then, it has hosted Clevian Circularity Camp, Videogasm, Space Vikings, Camp Valhalla, Burning Mime, Burning Bridges, Ruby Divers, AAA balance your energies ZZZ, Snowball, Spacelove,  Meditation Garden, the Fire Fabulon Circus, Fantastic Flight School, Ubercarney, BOP camp, Camp Quixotic, Bedlam, Camp Conumdrum, Spray Dogs, and a host of individual participants

why join SNOWFLAKE

  • Excellent exposure for your art and displays at Burning Man.
  • Ride share, and resource share with your neighbors.
  • Someone is always watching the Village.
  • Less stuff to bring,  you only need fill a limited "frontage" display area.
  • All our art together creates a huge and engaging art environment.
  • Village social events like cocktail hour, potluck dinners, and our Parade to the Burn....
  • More time to explore 

how we divide up the SPACE

Each theme camp gets its individual plot of land within Snowflake. Your "frontage" is determined by how much interactive stuff you are bringing. For example if you are bringing a 30 foot wide exhibit of glowing giant eggs, we will find you 30 feet of frontage on which to display it. If you are bringing a five-foot kissing booth, we will find you 5 feet of frontage.

Behind your display space (if any) we will get you camping space proportional to your group's population.  It varies every year, but about 200-300 square feet per person is roughly correct. The Village map is tweaked as we receive new information and finalized around late July. 
You are then responsible for your autonomous zone within Snowflake.

what Snowflake Village expects FROM YOU

We need your interactivity every day!!
  • If you are a frontline Art Camp, we need you to be open full-out every night during our Peak Hours of 8pm to 12am (at least.) 
  • Burning Man demands 24/7 interactivity, so you will also need something for the off-hours. 
    This could be more of your main attraction, or something more automatic--a walk-thru exhibit, a spinner, a lit makeup mirror... it doesn't have to be big, but it needs to be accessible 24/7. What is NOT OK is a closed up, dark facade with nothing going on.
  • If you are coming as an individual or small camp (for example, a first timer or camper in the overflow area), expect to spend several hours a day helping out somebody's else's camp or helping around the Village. People always need help! Setting up, running nightly performances, bringing refreshments to the weary.... When in doubt, walk around and pick up MOOP (Matter Out Of Place). 
  • We need you to Leave No Trace, and help clean the village both while you are there and when preparing to leave.

how to join SNOWFLAKE

1. Sign up for our discussion forum, BurningSnow, hosted by Andy Wing, to get Snowflake Village ideas, news, announcements, & rideshare info.
To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to: burningsnow-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
To send messages to members of this group, send email to: burningsnow@yahoogroups.com  

2. Decide what you are bringing to Burning Man.  An Art Camp? A sculpture? Some crazy costumes? Maybe just a couple of friends flying in from Europe who want to help out? In any case start by contacting the Village Coordinator,  Eric@clevian.com., and bounce your basic idea off him.

3. When you are ready, post your Theme Camp or small group's description onto Snowflakes Village's discussion web at:  www.clevian.com/Snowflake2008  Also post your Theme Camp's description to the Burning Man website if you want to get listed in their program. Make sure to mention that your camp is part of Snowflake Village so they list you right. 

NOTE: When you post here you are officially joining Snowflake Village and we will count on you for planning purposes!.


a few TIPS

  • Art camps: we need you on-site by Monday and fully open for business by Tuesday Night, or Wednesday at the latest
  • Keep your project simple... everything takes twice as long as you think out in the desert.
  • Don't overwork yourself-- take enough time to enjoy yourself! 
  • Pre-build and test your exhibits at home, and bring spares of any critical components.

See you on the Playa!!!!


Burn On!