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Camp Clevian Circularity

From: Eric G
Date: 7/19/2009
Time: 3:40:53 PM
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When a person visits your camp, what do they see, what do they do, what do they experience? --They will see a 20-foot structure decorated with snowflakes, with a shade structure in front. At night we will run the Playa Speed Dating game and other interactive games. Is there 24/7 interactivity? --There will be motion-activated lights and sculptures to provide 24/7 interactivity. How many people in your camp? --about 15. How many feet of width do you need for your interactive elements? --About 30 feet. How many hours a day do you plan to be open? When? We will be open every night from 8pm to midnight with interactive games. What day do you plan to arrive? To open? --We plan to arrive the Saturday before the event opens. We will open our camp Monday night or Tuesday. We will leave the Tuesday after the event closes. Do you need rideshare, do you have space that needs more activities, or activities that need more space? --We might need one other driver from the Milwaukee area. We have some shade space for small displays or activities during the day. Please include a contact e-mail so people can get hold of you! --eric@clevian.com

Last changed: July 19, 2009