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Re: A Shack of Sit 2009

From: Boisee
Date: 7/22/2009
Time: 10:01:47 PM
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More wondrousness! We are holding an Event for Snowflake Villagers - the 1st Annual Left SnowBall Celebration Gala Reception on Friday 4-6pm as everyone has something to celebrate! This is formal so come in all your Playa glam and finery (masks optional). Everyone will be announced by a footman. Bring your cups and plates for refreshments in A Shack of Sit. Dancing in the Plaza. This is THE event to See and Be Seen, Mix and Mingle, Wiggle and Jiggle, Bump and Grind. We are now up to 32 peeps in Camp. Thanks to Eric for the fine Village 2009 map, and getting those nasties out of this hallowed website. Almost ready to feel the fire, Boisee

Last changed: July 22, 2009