Snowflake Intro----- Village Map HERE

This is the discussion and sign-up site for Snowflake Village 2009. This is our tenth year at Burning Man! This is the right place to: 

bulletSignal your desire to camp with Snowflake Village
bulletRegister your Theme camp or village art project with us.  
bulletKeep your population estimates updated
bulletDiscuss rideshare and resource share and stuff

Snowflake Village started as a group of Midwestern and Canadian Theme camps. Now we have members from all over the world.  By combining our many smaller camps and displays, we create a unique art space where the visitor can choose many different experiences.  

Your Playa display can be as small as a kissing booth, or as big as you want to make it. Interactivity is the key. We love interactivity. There are three main ways you can join Snowflake Village: 

bulletFront-line Theme Camps are placed at the front of the Village--generally on the Esplanade. These camps have strong interactivity and some kind of 24/7 component.  
bulletSmaller Theme Camps may have interactivity only sometimes, or want to be off the beaten path.  These will be placed further back in the Village along our Internal Road. 
bulletIndividual campers or small groups can ask to join an existing Theme camp, or camp by themselves in our Overflow Area and help out the Village in general. 

Snowflake Sign-Up

If you are new to Snowflake Village,  start by contacting the coordinator, Eric g, at  

If you have been here before:

bulletGo ahead and post an article about your camp  as best you know it now.
bullet Note: post your info once, then refresh the page to see your entry appear. 
bulletThis posting is your official application to join Snowflake Village.  
bullet Please keep this info updated as we use it for planning purposes. 
bullet To update your plans, please reply to your own message and re-post your whole plan with any changes or additions. 
bulletYour most recent plan is the one we will go by.
bulletThe Village application goes in May 15th. After that, it is much harder to add things.

Please include the following: 

When a person visits your camp, what do they see, what do they do, what do they experience? 
Is there 24/7 interactivity? 
How many people in your camp? 
How many feet of width do you need for your interactive elements?
How many hours a day do you plan to be open? When?
What day do you plan to arrive? To open?
Do you need rideshare, do you have space that needs more activities, or activities that need more space? 
Please include a contact e-mail so people can get hold of you!

You can also Search the articles for a word or pattern

Snowflake  FAQ

Q: What are the Village fees?
A. There are no Village fees. That's because we don't provide anything. ;)  We expect each camp to be autonomous in terms of water, food, and power. Some individual Theme Camps may have their own camp fees. Make a deal with an individual camp if you need something but can't bring it.

Q: What is the visual theme of Snowflake?
A: Snowflakes! They can be any shape, any size, any color, lit or unlit.  Show off your snowflakes.

Q: How can I help the Village?
A: We always need a couple things: strings of LED lights attached to ropes, and poles to hold them up. We make a fence of lights that runs at a 4' height across the front of the Village with gaps for doors. This gives a unified visual appearance.

Q: What about sound? 
A: Snowflake is a relatively quiet Village. We stay away from large-scale sound camps. A lot of our interactivity is close-up, one on one, where you need to hear people talk. 

Q: How much frontage does each camp get?
A: How much can you fill with interesting interactivity?

Q: How much camping space does each camp get?
A: About 300 square feet per person, more or less. We try to even it out so each camp is at the same camping density.

Q: When do we know for sure how much space we get?
A: We start mapping right away, so don't wait to post! We find out our final size from Burning Man usually in July sometime. Then we find out what we REALLY got when we arrive on the Playa! It is not uncommon for sizes to get tweaked by five or ten feet.

Q: What do I do when I first arrive?
A: The Burning Man Greeters will give you a map that shows where Snowflake Village is. When you arrive, look for the Village Coordinator wearing a snowflake hat or badge. They will show you to your Theme Camp. 

Snowflake LNT

We expect each camp to completely clean up after itself and Leave No Trace.  On your last day, please plan to spend an extra hour or two cleaning up around the Village.